Terms and Conditions

By using the IDconnect4U social network platform you agree that engaging in IDconnect4U is at your own risk and IDconnect4U can never be held acountable for any harm or loss caused by using our network platform. 

You also agree to submit to the guidelines of IDconnect4U which are;

  •  You will not engage in the spreading of hatespeech towards any person or peoplegroup. You can disagree and discuss in a respectful way while at the same time respecting eachothers views or beliefs. IDconnect4U will NOT tolerate any form of racism and such behaviour may lead to blocking your account or a total ban from our platform.
  •  You will not post any content containing sexual explicit and/or pornographic material. If you do such a thing you will be banned from IDconnect4U without warning.
  •  You will not discriminate any peoplegroup or person for their colour or faith or engage in any other sort of racism. Such behaviour will not be tolerated and might lead to blocking your profile or even a ban. 
  •  Although we respect each persons choice for music and movies we do not allow any pictures or video's posted here that either glorify violence or contains violent graphics. Such content will be deleted immediately and your account may be blocked. 
  •  Any person using the IDconnect4U social platform agrees to use proper language. We will not allow cursewords/swearwords or derogatory behaviour. If we feel you engage in such behaviour we will contact you and give you a warning. If repeated you get blocked or banned from IDconnect4U.
  • The founders of IDconnect4U are a bunch of christians and so we value christian standards. Having said that, we are not building a christian platform. Which means that you can join regardless of which religion you follow or engage in and you can even start your own religious group with the exception of groups for satanism or any other kind of devilworshipping religion or group. If you are a satanist you can setup a profile as long as you keep respectfull towards others and follow IDconnect4U guidelines as stated on the Terms & Conditions page. You can however not post pictures and/or videos concerning satanism or satan or post links to other sources containing such content. If you break these guidelines than you will be blocked or banned.
  •  IDconnect4U is a social network platform intended to be safe for families and we like to keep it that way. Any person of any age can sign-up for an account but if you are under the age of 13 than one of your parents need to have an account on IDconnect4U too. If anyone signs up under the age of 13 we will contact you and ask for your parents profile or username and  we will contact them. You will need permission from your parent to set-up a profile on this platform. If they give no permission or do not respond to our request within 24 hours your account will be blocked untill we get their permission. A blocked account will be terminated after 30 days being blocked.

We at IDconnect4U value matters like respect, honor and descent behaviour because we simply value and respect people in general. We trust that you have that same attitude towards your fellow humans. If you don't than please do not join us at IDconnect4U. There are other places that you can go that might better fit you.

If you sense misbehaviour of any other user on IDconnect4U please let us know by sending us a private message. You can do so by befriending either the user called: ID Connector or by befriending the Helpdesk Administrator and send your complaint to either one of them. We will check each complaint as soon as possible and will take action if necessary. Let's keep the platform safe and clean together! Thanks for helping.