IDconnect4U is a brandnew social network platform birthed on may 22nd, 2020.

We are focused on building a safe and clean userfriendly platform where you will have freedom of speech as long as you keep your opinions from being racist, violent, sexual explicit or pornographic or using bad language. You can read our houserules under the Terms & Conditions as stated on our website. 

Please feel free to sign up and create your profile. You can create your own group(s) or businesspage(s) and events. On your timeline you can post messages, pictures and video's (max. 124MB). 
Find groups and people on IDconnect4U by clicking on the GROUP-tab on the left grey bar. You will then get a list of all the excisting groups on IDconnect4U. You now also have the option to switch to the PEOPLE-tab where you can find a list of all existing members/users on IDconnect4U. Just scroll through the list and see if you can find a friend. If you want a list of all businesspages on IDconnect4U  simply click the BUSINESSPAGE-tab on the left grey bar. You may also want to invite your friends that are not on IDconnect4U yet. Simply do so by clicking the INVITE FRIENDS-tab on the left grey bar and send your friend(s) an e-mail with your personal message inviting them to join in. By clicking the NEWS FEED-tab in the left gray bar you will get an overview of all posts of all your personal friends on IDconnect4U. Furthermore you can create a poll, make a photoalbum, send messages to your friends or have a livechat with them.

All kinds of features you already know from the bigger and well-known social network platforms. So why IDconnect4U ?

Because unlike some of the other players in the field;

  •  We DO respect your privacy and will never give or sell any of your personal info to any third party
  •  We DO have a zero-tolerance towards racism, pornography, violence, hatespeech and so on, and we DO delete all such contend and ban it from our platform.
  •  We will NEVER abuse your pictures or any other posted material. We will simply NOT use any of it. Not now, not ever! This IS and WILL stay YOUR personal content.
  •  We DO value freedom of speech. We respect different views and opinions. Whetter it be on religion, 5G or Covid-19. This is YOUR personal opinion and last time I checked we DO have freedom of speech in our nation and most other nations (at least in the western world). So, please feel free to share your personal opinion. Just make sure you do it in a respectfull way and according to our guidelines. Keep it safe, keep it friendly, keep it clean. If you do you are free to say whatever you like. We believe in agreeing to disagree and value it as one of our platforms main guidelines.
We hope you feel home on our platform and enjoy the freedom, the connections and the possibilities we offer free of charge for your personal use.
IDconnect is free of charge and will always be!